Are you interested to stay in the Czech republic? Would you like to buy flat or hause?
Take the opportunity let leave this care to me. 

When I get preliminary  data from you, I will offer the most suitable product, will help with all documentation and provide the processing within the registries and banking institutions, with real estate or appraiser. 

  • 16 banks in portfolio.
  • No fee for you.
  • You can know conditions and maximum mortgage before you find the property.
  • Save with the extra interest rates and with individual mortgage conditions on the Czech market.

The attitude of banks to foreigners is sometimes more difficult. If  you have bad experience and some bank is not willing approve the mortgage for you, never give up and contact me.  I am focused on the client´s needs to understand the client´s situation and intention to find the best solution.
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I´m freelance mortgage broker. I graduated as bachelor of Andragogy. My experiences started in Human resources, I was Journalist for a few years and finished at non-profit organization. Variety of my previous activities gave me good option for everyday work as mortgage broker.