I´M Lenka vagnerová, YOUR INDEPENDENT mortgage broker.

I work as an mortgage broker FOR PAST 11 years. My support is free for you!

My easy idea is to be helpful when you have plan to buy some property in the Czech republic.

I know how difficult is to stay in foreign country, when you don´t understand Czech language. Cooperation with citizens is my everyday work I really like. I know, some situations are more complicated for you: to who you can trust, what is correct, not to have potential problems. Because you meet my website, you can check testimonial (some of them you can find by Google).  We can do all mortgage process and steps on-line. 

When you contact me, I will find your needs to know more about you:
eg., your imaginations for future, net income, age, costs... We can be in touch by Skype, Zoom, Google meets, WhatsApp, sms, E-mail or call... We can meet also personally in my office or at your home, or another area. In my everyday work I see, most people prefer work on-line:)

My job is also negotiate interest rates and complete conditions with Czech banks. 

When we make a decision where to go, which bank, we can make a decision to cooperate together and continue with choiced bank. 
We will start with a mortgage apply. I collect all documents for the bank from the first contact to the date I go to Cadastre, make the bank send money to the seller.
All process is up to me, if comes difficulties, task during process, its my who solve this. 

​In the process I'm usually in touch with the saller of the chosen property.
I can negotiate the price with a real estate agent if needed at the beginning.
I can be helpful with arranging a reservation contract from an agent and be ready to sign it. I check all documents about the property including purchase contract. 

Hope, I will be helpfull for you in all czech rules.

You have to have your property safed. When the bank provides a mortgage your property has to be insured (it is paid once a year). I can also help with this, I cooperate with all czech insurance companies. Can do this support directly for you.

16 banks in portfolio

​I have 16 banks in my portfolio. Each Czech bank has different rules and conditions. Between banks are also differences in Debt to income/DTI and Debt Service to Income/DSTI. DTI and DSTI make your mortgage higher, or lower, depending on your income and costs.

You can ask me for a maximum mortgage before you start finding property.
Mortgage can be provided up to 90 % Loan to value/LTV.  

Mortgage without proof of income

​I can also arrange a mortgage without proof of income, 35 years maturity for each age... It is a special product which can be helpful for somebody who has "the problem to show formal income", for some businessmans, or for "older people" (35y maturity could be also for person in age 50,60 etc). At this case we do just appraisal, there are less steps, less rules, quick process. This product is more expensive than standard mortgage.

Lenka Vagnerova
+ 420 720 029 255

testimonial you can find here.Bellow you can find examples of English speaking clients. 

I am an expat and was looking for a mortgage in Czech Republic, which can be sometimes more complicated. Lenka was a great help and very pleasant to communicate with in English language. If we had any questions, she immediately was at our service and sort things out. We didn’t regret contacting her and we recommend her to everyone.
Fernando Salgado Pedro, 2019Photograph
Lenka is amazing. She is helpful professional and has the best offer. You can trust here she make all the paper stuff. I love her work and she brought me to my apartment.  Next property definitely with her. Especially when you are a foreigner you should her on your side. And the best thing is. It’s for free 🙂 
Heinrich Wagner, 4.5.2020Siemens
Lenka helped us to successfully obtain a mortgage to buy our home in Prague. As first-time buyers, we had a lot to learn, and greatly appreciated Lenka's knowledge and patient explanations. She helped us understand the trade-offs between the mortgage products on offer, supported us through the whole application and drawing process, and took care of many interactions with the bank on our behalf. We have no hesitation in recommending Lenka; she was helpful and professional throughout, guided us to a successful outcome, and made it all much easier than we had expected.
Jonathan and Iryna Worthington, 20.3.2020
Lenka Vagnerova was such a huge help to us. We couldn't have bought our flat in Prague 6 without her tireless efforts. She was always there, willing to answer a question or meet in person or get the right paperwork for us. She put in so many hours on our behalf, there is no way we can say enough. Thank you so much, Lenka!
Grant Podelco, 2016Radio Free Liberty
Lenka was always very helpful with my concerns about the mortgage and available at any time. She solved any doubt or question in an easy, quick, and understandable way. I would recommend her to everybody.
José Luis Ros Santaella, 14.9.2020
I was very glad to be introduced to Lenka by a colleague. She has been a key person in the process of organizing the best possible mortgage and also cooperating with the real estate broker. She not only explained all the processes to me step by step, but also made sure I had all the information at my disposal to make the best decision. Lenka definitely made the process of purchasing a property in Prague a lot easier and fun! I highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again.
Amna Husain, 12/2020Siemens

Lenka Vagnerova
+ 420 720 029 255